Jon Boone

Video game inspired by Pakistan school massacre pulled

A game to galvanise support for Peaceful Pakistan backfired amid public outrage over use of the Taliban's attack on Army Public School as inspiration.

What drove Malik to kill in San Bernardino?

The young murderer was an austere Muslim, but showed few signs of being radicalised.

Sects vie for Islamic market share

Muslim extremists have been targeting "blasphemous" moderates in Pakistan, driving adherents away from the Sufi-influenced Islamic tradition.

It’s me, Musharaff, remember?

Former coup leader returns to Pakistan, but the ex-president may have overestimated his appeal.

Teenage girl shot for anti-Taliban views

The Taliban's attempt to kill a 14-year-old girl, famous for speaking out against Islamic militants, has triggered a wave of revulsion in Pakistan.

Pakistan sees red over US drones

The death of al-Qaeda's second in command has underscored its opposition to the remote bombers. Jon Boone and Jason Burke report.

Taliban office in Qatar a ‘dramatic breakthrough’

The United States has agreed in principle to release high-ranking Taliban officials from Guantánamo Bay in Cuba.

Raped Afghan woman released from jail

In a move that has highlighted 'moral crimes' in Afghanistan, a woman who was jailed after being raped by a cousin has been released from prison.

Taliban-style dress code for Afghan weddings

Justice ministry proposes that ceremonies be policed for modesty to crackdown on lavish events that put families in debt.

‘It felt more like fortune-telling than detective work’

Long-term weaknesses in United States intelligence gathering have been ruthlessly exposed over the past fortnight.

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