Ewen Macaskill

No James Bond glamour in espionage’s new ‘El Dorado’

There's nothing fancy about being a spy - in fact, one intelligence document warns that candidates should not be recruited if their motive is glamour.

Secret Russian satellite surveillance revealed

The report suggests South Africa is seeking closer ties with Russia on integration of the Condor project with another system being developed.

SA spied on its government to get facts on Russian deal

SA's intelligence service relied on a spy close to Russia to find out details about its own government's involvement in a $100-million satellite deal.

The truth that lies in the body

Scientists have created a lie detector that records the involuntarily, guilty fidgeting of liars.

War on terror fails to stop surge in global attacks

The "war on terror" has failed to eliminate or reduce terrorism despite trillions being spent on wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and operations elsewhere.

Snowden files: US spooks share secret data

The NSA shares intelligence data with Israel without first sifting it to remove information about US citizens, states a document from Edward Snowden.

Ed Snowden: The geek who blew Prism to pieces

Edward Snowden has gone into hiding in Hong Kong after blowing the whistle on a top-secret US spying programme.

Obama 2.0 takes no prisoners

Republicans feel snubbed by the US president's combative inauguration speech. Ewen MacAskill reports.

Obama set for battle over gun-control bid

United States President Barack Obama has mounted the biggest challenge in two decades to the US's deeply ingrained gun culture.

Republicans throw down gauntlet over Rice

Republican senators have opened the way for a new showdown with United States President Barack Obama.

Romney on a roll after first TV debate

Mitt Romney has raised Republican hopes of an election comeback with a spirited and aggressive performance in the first televised presidential debate.

Gaffe-prone Romney puts his foot in it over Palestinians

Mitt Romney's battered presidential bid has been hit by a secretly recorded video in which he sets out views on the Israel-Palestine issue.

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