Adam Gabbatt

Texas couple’s murder linked to white supremacist group

A Texas prosecutor and his wife who were shot dead over the weekend may have been the targets of a white supremacist group, says a US congressman.

Obama set for battle over gun-control bid

United States President Barack Obama has mounted the biggest challenge in two decades to the US's deeply ingrained gun culture.

Class of 2012 rattles Quebec

What began as a low-key protest over a tuition fee hike has spiralled into a noisy national movement.

Obama supports gay marriage

In a bold step the American president has openly stated his full support for same-sex unions.

All high hopes for Low Line

The world's first underground park moved a step closer to reality last weekend.

All or nothing as Republicans brace for Super Tuesday

The chances of Mitt Romney running against Barack Obama are set to either solidify or evaporate as 10 states prepare to choose the Republican nominee.

Germany’s E. coli accusations sprout producer outrage

The EU's health commissioner has criticised Germany for rushing out "premature conclusions" about the source of a mass E. coli outbreak.

Côte d’Ivoire: rebuilding begins

While a call goes out for all fighters to lay down their arms and the UN flies in aid, analysts warn that peace will be difficult to secure.

Divers killed ‘were going to attack Israel’

The Palestinians "were on their way to carry out an attack in Israel", a military spokesperson said, declining to give further details.

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