Harriet Sherwood

Israelis fear tunnel attacks from Hamas

Residents close to the border think they can hear digging, while the Israeli military says the tunnels linking Gaza to Israel top their priority list.

Nigeria tops list for Christians killed for their faith

The persecution of Christians in sub-Saharan Africa dwarfs what is happening in the Middle East, according to a report.

Now let the pope show some love

The holy father's first visit to Africa has an interfaith dimension that sends a signal in places where religious conflict is powerful.

Americans’ religious faith is on the wane

The growing proportion of young adults now in their 20s and 30s – who do not belong to any organised faith is changing the US’s religious landscape.

Jerusalem holds its breath after synagogue slaughter

The synagogue slaughter in Jerusalem this week has introduced a tense new dimension to the conflict in the region.

Ultraorthodox men create chaos on plane over women

Ultraorthodox Jewish men are disrupting El Al flights, causing the carrier to be criticised for allowing it.

Gaza desolation: Was it worth it?

Israel’s ‘victory’ has left Gaza City in ruins, but the 50-day war has strengthened Hamas’s influence.

Gaza’s traumatised generation

Children older than six have now survived three wars; their sleep is filled with nightmares.

Any place but home for record number of people

The annual global trends report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) paints a very bleak picture.

Sudan: Death row woman released after international outcry

Meriam Ibrahim, who was imprisoned for marrying a Christian and sentenced to 100 lashes and hanging for apostasy, has been released.

Ariel Sharon: Builder and destroyer

The former Israeli prime minister and military man's legacy is that of "The Bulldozer" – a polarising builder and destroyer.

Israel remains unmoved on refugee issue

Thousands of African refugees have gone on strike against the Israeli government's "criminalisation" and "dehumanisation" of asylum seekers.

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