Peter Walker

Swedish Eurovision winner a relief for the Russians

The Eurovision winner is adamant he's no homophobe, and Russia may be glad he won.

Stieg Larsson names PM’s killer from beyond the grave

The bestselling novelist left behind 15 boxes of files connecting SA to the killing of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme, but he likely got it wrong.

Museum begins restoration on Frida Kahlo photos

More than 350 photos taken by the Mexican artist and her husband Diego Rivera are being repaired in a six-month project.

Hit or miss? David Cameron’s 10-track playlist for G8 heads

From Alt-J to Laura Mvula, UK Prime Minister David Cameron's "bespoke" list of songs for leaders at last month's G8 summit has been revealed.

Raised in the shadow of an absent and famous mother

Thatcher's death was announced on behalf of her closest family, her two children, Mark and Carol, in a statement expressing their "great sadness".

City workers unfazed by ‘good-natured’ activists

London's financial district began its working week in the form of a tent encampment objecting to the excesses of the global financial system.

International cyberspying uncovered

Dozens of countries, companies and organisations have had their computers systematically hacked over the past five years by one country.

Germany’s E. coli accusations sprout producer outrage

The EU's health commissioner has criticised Germany for rushing out "premature conclusions" about the source of a mass E. coli outbreak.

Papers detail brutal abuse

'Violent shock' the only way to deal with Mau Mau insurgents, British government told.

A hard rain falls on Dylan’s Chinese fans

Aged 68, Bob Dylan must almost have forgotten what it was like to be deemed a threat to society.

South American leaders play to domestic gallery

Even by the standards of Latin American regional politics it is a twisted tale, involving clandestine cross-border raids, drug-peddling guerrillas and eye-catching claims of plans for a radioactive ''dirty bomb''. It is also fast turning into a military stand-off with apparent potential for calamity.

London police show bombers on apparent dummy run

The presumed suicide bombers who killed themselves and 52 other people in London on July 7 checked out their targets a week beforehand with an apparent dummy run of the attack. Grainy stills from closed-circuit television cameras issued by the police showed three of the four men assumed to be the attackers gathering together before heading into the capital on June 28.

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