Ian Cobain

Let us see our cruelty more clearly

British MPs and lawyers call for more rigorous probes into the abuse and deaths of detainees.

Britain set to pay torture victims

The British government is negotiating payments to thousands of Kenyans who were detained and severely mistreated during the 1950s Mau Mau insurgency.

Atrocities of colonial past haunt Britain again

A case by former subjects of Her Majesty's British Empire has unearthed awful truths, deliberately hidden, of atrocities in African countries.

Papers detail brutal abuse

'Violent shock' the only way to deal with Mau Mau insurgents, British government told.

Jihadi home truths

Why would someone want to bomb the country where he grew up?

‘Humiliate, strip, threaten’

<b>Ian Cobain</b> reports on British military interrogation training methods that may be in breach of international law.

UK in spat with Israel

A British court issued an arrest warrant this week for Israel's former foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, over war crimes allegedly committed in Gaza.

Now it’s ‘cruel Britannia’

Pressure for inquiry grows as Pakistani torturers themselves allege British complicity in the abuse of English citizens in the war on terror.

Palin found to have abused powers

John McCain's election campaign on Friday night suffered the body blow for which Republicans had been bracing themselves.

Russia: give us Berezovsky

Relations between London and Moscow threatened to plummet to a post-Cold War low on Thursday amid renewed Russian demands for action against Boris Berezovsky over the tycoon's claim that he is plotting to overthrow Vladimir Putin. he Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom warned that bilateral relations would inevitably suffer if prompt action was not taken against the Britain-based multi-millionaire.

Egypt’s Bedouin fear they will take the blame

This week's Red Sea bombing has left the Bedouin people of the Sinai feeling three times injured. Four of their children were seriously injured, their tourism-dependent livelihoods are threatened, and once again they think they will be blamed for the bombs.

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