Richard Norton-Taylor

Terror killings increase by 80%

Last year 32 658 people were victims of terrorism but crime is 13 times higher.

Law cannot keep up with spying tech

Spying is said to be the world's second-oldest profession. Since it is covert by definition, it is used as a weapon against friends and allies.

Atrocities of colonial past haunt Britain again

A case by former subjects of Her Majesty's British Empire has unearthed awful truths, deliberately hidden, of atrocities in African countries.

Britain ‘planned poison gas tests in Botswana’

Secret colonial-era files released this week show that Britain tried to test poison gas in Botswana in World War II after plans for SA were nixed.

Ships involved in gun and drug trafficking: report

Most ships involved in reported cases of sanctions-busting or illicit transfers of arms are owned by companies based in the world's richest countries.

Gaddafi clan’s brazen limousine escape

New details have emerged of the route used by Muammar Gaddafi's family to escape into neighbouring Algeria, triggering a diplomatic row.

Gaddafi begins to crumble

Muammar Gaddafi's regime showed fresh signs of buckling as rebels came close to cutting off supply routes.

Officials say bombing not enough to topple Libyan regime

Almost three months into the campaign of air strikes, Nato no longer believes bombing alone will end the conflict in Libya.

No-fly zone possible to help protect Libyan citizens

Nato has launched 24-hour air and sea surveillance of Libya as a possible precursor to a no-fly zone.

Jihadi home truths

Why would someone want to bomb the country where he grew up?

UK ‘failed to win over estranged Muslims’

Britain made "little progress" in reaching out to Muslim communities despite investing "considerable time and resources" after the 7/7 London bombing.

Europe suffers terrorism jitters

Speculation is rife that al-Qaeda and its affiliates are planning 'commando-style' attacks on cities.

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