Julian Borger

Trump expands global gag rule that blocks US aid for abortion groups

Policy bans aid going to foreign groups that support abortion rights as secretary of state Pompeo says: ‘This is decent and right’

‘It is all of Europe that is hit’

Belgium's neighbours have rallied in support after this week's 'acts of war' that shook Brussels.

West ‘ignored Russian offer to have Assad step aside’

A senior negotiator describes the rejection of an alleged proposal, since then tens of thousands have been killed and millions displaced.

Iran nuclear deal expected to be announced in Vienna

A global landmark agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme is expected to take place today.

Iran wants sanction relief details as nuclear deadline nears

Iranian negotiators want sanctions to be lifted at the same time as the country dismantles nuclear hardware.

Smuggled proof can indict Assad

Enough documentary evidence has been accumulated to prosecute the Syrian president.

Hopes of normalcy between the US and Cuba at last

Restoring normal diplomatic relations offers an opportunity for the US and Cuba to engage on equal terms for the first time in their troubled history.

US Senate report confirms torture does not work

The Senate report on CIA detention and interrogation found that detainees subjected to torture produced no intelligence or "fabricated information".

Khamenei puts foot down

The Iranian leader has promised hardliners that the West will not dictate the terms of nuclear engagement.

Spy revelations poison the pond

The fallout from the Edward Snowden saga is starting to affect global trade relationships.

Romney an echo of Obama

A world in which Mitt Romney holds the single most powerful office may sound a very different place from that of President Barack Obama.

Egypt’s Morsi heads to Iran for Syria talks

Mohamed Morsi's Tehran visit, the first by an Egyptian leader since 1979, is part of plan to form a regional contact group to broker peace in Syria.

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