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Julian Borger

Taliban seeks negotiated settlement in Afghanistan

A senior commander of the Taliban has offered a pragmatic view on the futility of the war and the future of Afghanistan. Julian Borger reports.

Scientists try to revive Iran nuclear talks

As part of extensive war games, Iran test-fired medium-range missiles capable of hitting US bases in the region or Israel.

Pakistan sets Afghan peace rules

Without a clear action plan, Pakistan will not support the United States-driven reconciliation plans for Afghanistan.

US fails to show up for its Taliban party

US government in danger of missing out on historic peace settlement in Afghanistan.

Taliban office in Qatar a ‘dramatic breakthrough’

The United States has agreed in principle to release high-ranking Taliban officials from Guantánamo Bay in Cuba.

Iran shrugs off oil export sanctions

An already frail economy will come under more pressure when the EU ban comes into effect.

Iran missile blast blamed on Mossad

The blast at the al-Ghadir missile base at Bid Ganeh was so powerful it rattled windows 50 kilometres away in Tehran.

Iran nuke claims: Russia rejects call for more sanctions

Russia has rejected EU calls for further sanctions against Iran in the wake of a UN reports that Tehran had experimented with nuclear weapon designs.

Nuclear watchdog: Iran ‘working on advanced warhead’

The UN's nuclear watchdog is set to reveal alleged Iranian work on an advanced nuclear warhead -- though this is not regarded as a "smoking gun".

Dalai Lama ban would extract a political cost

The South African foreign ministry's excuses for dithering over entry visa for Desmond Tutu's birthday celebrations are paper thin.

Gaddafi clan’s brazen limousine escape

New details have emerged of the route used by Muammar Gaddafi's family to escape into neighbouring Algeria, triggering a diplomatic row.

Gaddafi begins to crumble

Muammar Gaddafi's regime showed fresh signs of buckling as rebels came close to cutting off supply routes.

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