Terry Macalister

Britain pumped up by shale gas reserves

Report suggests that UK can supply energy for 25 years.

No funding coal-de-sac for Europe

An influential bank has decided to continue funding new high-carbon energy projects in Europe.

Avis steps on the gas

Avis has shook up the competitive industry with its $500m purchase of vehicle-sharing firm Zipcar. Terry Macalister reports.

Russia halts gas project in Arctic

A $15-billion energy project in the Russian Arctic has been sunk by soaring costs, falling European demand and cheap shale gas in the United States.

Pension-fund advisers push for Murdochs to step down

The campaign to unseat members of the Murdoch family from their positions has spread to the US, with a recommendation from an influential adviser.

Piercing Glencore’s veil of secrecy

An imminent flotation will shine the spotlight on commodities giant.

A breath of good news

Threat of budget cuts tempers report that wind power at one point generated 10% of Britain's power.

Oil rush to Greenlanders’ heads

Many hope the arrival of Big Oil will transform their lives. But few consider at what price.

Carbon capture under fire

Experts have thrown a spanner in the works, questioning its efficacy in fighting climate change.

Shell faces legal action over Niger Delta pollution

A judge in the Netherlands has opened the door to a potential avalanche of legal cases against Shell.

Wind power moves investors

Terry Macalister reports on how fossil fuels are losing out in the race for investment cash.

Polluters hijack summit

Oil giant Shell could help shape post-Kyoto agenda, writes Terry Macalister

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