Ian Black

Cheap oil pushes Saudi reform

Saudi Arabia is realising that it has to look to a future that does not depend solely on fossil fuel.

Saudi executions go global

Awkward alliances in the fight against terror have complicated a proper response.

Russia’s Syria gambit could be a game changer

Reports from the scenes of Russia's air strikes suggest that the targeting of groups other than Isis was deliberate. Yet the detail may not matter.

Iran quietly extends its strategic influence in Syria

Tehran plays a critical role that unnerves its allies in the regime as much as its enemies.

Iran wants respect from the West

A nuclear deal has been struck, now the country seeks to play a positive role in the region.

No power, no water, no hope

Israel is finding it harder to deny targeting Gaza infrastructure, but it still claims that tunnels and rockets are its primary focus.

Israel’s path ‘worse than apartheid’

Noam Chomsky states that if Israel is boycotted, the same fate should befall the United States. He further believes that a boycott could backfire.

Syria: A farce worth reckoning with

The 'blood election' has been widely denounced 
– but it strengthens Al-Assad’s regime regardless.

Blunders and stubborness hobble Syria talks

Syria: The long road to finding peace after years of war.

Vaccination ceasefire urged in Syria

A polio outbreak to the east of the country has reinforced the call for relief workers' safety.

EU warning to Israel wields clout

Boycotting Jewish settlements is a stark reminder that Europe is tiring of the stalled 'peace process'.

Blood, fear cast pall over Ramadan

Secular and fundamentalist friction rages as Egyptian military cracks down on coup backlash.

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