Patrick Wintour

Turkey insists on decisive role in Syrian peace talks

Amount of refugees makes it a domestic issue for Turkey, says prime minister.

Saudi executions go global

Awkward alliances in the fight against terror have complicated a proper response.

US to form ‘core coalition’ to fight Isis in Iraq

US Secretary of State John Kerry rules out committing "boots on the ground" at a meeting of 10 nations on the sidelines of the recent Nato summit.

No more dilly-dallying on the dole

Britain's finance minister reins in the welfare system in a bid to woo ‘hard-working' voters.

Fix proposed for corporate tax breaks

A G20 report says dramatic change is required in order to keep up with the global digital economy.

The multiple perils of political friendship

The Crown Prosecution Service's decision to charge former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks came as the British Cabinet met on Tuesday

US unleashes $400bn to save economy

The United States central bank has unleashed a radical $400-billion plan to prevent the world's largest economy sliding back into recession.

Little buy-in while G20 buys time

The G20 summit failed to tackle growing concerns that currency wars between Washington and Beijing will undermine hard-won stability.

Fewer jobs, less spending

Deepest public spending cuts in 80 years planned.

New leader pledges to rejuvenate Labour

The newly elected leader of the British opposition Labour Party has launched his party on a five-year campaign to regain power.

Tough love budget hits all

Ratings agencies applaud UK chancellor's move to placate markets after sovereign debt crises.

First UK speaker forced out in 300 years

On one of the most momentous days in British parliamentary history the Speaker of the Commons, Michael Martin, resigned his office last Tuesday.

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