Phillip Inman

Stock markets plunge as investors fear global economic slowdown

Dow ends day down 248 points while slumping oil price and gloom at Davos sends FTSE 100 tumbling officially into bear market territory.

Few agree on success of Greece’s ‘cut the debt’ tour

A diplomatic offensive by new Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras to ease bailout aid requirements has been failing to win converts.

Concessions to India finally clinch global trade deal

Anti-poverty groups condemn the first global trade deal since the creation of the World Trade Organisation.

EU frets over jobless youths

The eurozone's youth unemployment rate worsened last month to reach a new record high of 24.4%.

China signs its own debt warrant

An audit of state agencies’ borrowing may rein in profligacy and graft, but will it slow the economy?

Debt ratio prompts EU analysts to rethink ranking

The United States is even worse than Greece, with a debt equivalent of 105% of GDP.

Paul Krugman goes against the grain

A renowned academic is adamant that austerity and deficit reduction will not aid a recovery.

France’s hopes die in car crash

Despite some positive figures in December, France's January sales have reflected the gloom cast by Italy.

Italy shatters eurozone’s uneasy peace

As the country tries to form a government, the region's leaders are again sniping at each other.

China’s roaring trade is hard to beat

Official figures show that the United States no longer dominates trading in goods.

Bank of Japan plans open-ended stimulus

The Bank of Japan has bowed to pressure from the new government with a plan for a bigger than expected financial stimulus

UK’s new central bank boss has clout

The UK's finance minister, George Osborne, has sprung a surprise by putting Canada's central bank chief in charge of the Bank of England.

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