Ian Traynor

Greece faces Schengen boot

EU says the country is not following the rules in its processing of thousands of refugees

EU split over refugee crisis

European countries are turning on one another as growing border chaos tests the limits of diplomacy.

An embryonic new Turkey is born

In a surprise victory for the opposition, the tables have been turned on the president's plans.

This might be Turkey’s last election

Will the country's voters have the power to clip the wings of their enthusiastic president?

EU to impose migrant quotas forcing states to ‘share’ burden of influx

A proposal to divide up numbers between EU states in the wake of the Mediterranean crisis could pit Germany, which backs the scheme, against the UK.

Erdogan fiddles while Kobani burns

A looming bloodbath is spurring a Kurdish revolt in Turkey that could spin out of control.

Scotland’s independence could take EU into uncharted territory

A "Yes" vote to Scotland's independence will pose baffling questions for the EU, and could see Scotland clamouring to join while England leaves.

Hollande fails the De Gaulle standard

The beleaguered French leader came into office in 2012 as the supposed anti-Merkel. Now she is as strong as ever and he has never looked weaker.

Europe’s compromised political centre bleeds left and right

A lack of trust in the mainstream leadership is driving EU voters to look at more radical options in this week's polls.

Kiev burns as Ukrainians rise up

Protests were peaceful until government security forces launched an unexpected assault on Maidan square. But now protesters 
are fighting back.

War over Europe’s economic future heats up

Resentment is growing over German chancellor Angela Merkel's leadership and fiscal austerity measures.

Anti-Europe Yanukovych opts for Putin power tactics

The president weathered the Orange Revolution, but will need Moscow's support to survive this year's protests. But the opposition says its time to go.

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