Constanze Letsch

This might be Turkey’s last election

Will the country's voters have the power to clip the wings of their enthusiastic president?

Erdogan fiddles while Kobani burns

A looming bloodbath is spurring a Kurdish revolt in Turkey that could spin out of control.

Syrian refugees say ‘I do’ to Turks

Desperate women are seeking refuge from war in arranged marriages, despite reports of abuse.

Turkey holds 24 on suspicion of negligence after mine disaster

Soma Holding executives have reportedly been among 24 people detained after the country's worst industrial disaster.

Erdoğan demands end to Turkey protests

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has delivered a fiery speech, calling for an immediate end to the protests that have swept the country.

Turkish alcohol laws could pull the plug on Istanbul nightlife

Retailers in the city's Beyogly district fear that a planned government clampdown on alcohol sales could threaten livelihoods and personal freedoms.

Field of broken dreams

Promises of European success turn into an ordeal of missed chances and subsisting far from home.

Gulf tourists swap Egypt for Turkey

The Arab spring is fuelling a Turkish summer as Saudis, Kuwaitis and other tourists from the Gulf states head there for their holidays.

Marange’s field of broken dreams

It was in June 2006 that diamonds were first discovered by villagers in Marange, a rural area of Chiadzwa, 90km south-west of Mutare.

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