John Hooper

Perilous path awaits child migrants

Minors seeking a better life in Europe are highly likely to endure injury, robbery and exploitation.

Gay rights: Is the pope still Catholic?

Italy's leaders and the Vatican are battling to close the gap between church doctrine and modern life.

Findings may prove Rome a century older than initially thought

As the Italian capital approaches its 2 767th birthday, excavations have revealed a wall built long before the city's official founding year.

Spain train crash: Black boxes reveal driver was on phone

The driver of a train wreck in Spain was responding to a phone call from the rail company when the crash took place, according to a court report.

Italy shatters eurozone’s uneasy peace

As the country tries to form a government, the region's leaders are again sniping at each other.

Cardinals scramble to fill pope’s mitre

Sex abuse, secularisation, the Curia – the new pontiff has his work cut out, writes John Hooper.

Clooney, Ronaldo to testify in Berlusconi sex trial

George Clooney and Christiano Ronaldo will testify in the trial of Italy's ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi, charged with paying for sex with an underage girl.

Eight traitors and debt sink Berlusconi

Members of the Italian prime minister's party have been turning against him for weeks.

ECB defends bond market intervention

The president of the European Central Bank has vigorously defended his controversial decision to buy up Italian and Spanish bonds.

Family estimated to have hidden billions

The Gadaffi family could have billions of dollars of funds hidden away in secret bank accounts in Dubai, Southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf.

Case could force leader to resign

The prostitution trial is the most dangerous yet in Berlusconi's teflon-coated history.

Resignations strengthen Italian PM

Ministers loyal to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's former ally Gianfranco Fini has resigned from the Italian government.

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