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UK police face charges for Hillsborough drama

Prosecutions will be pursued after the unlawful-killing verdict at the inquest of 96 Liverpool fans.

Global economy plagued by debt

Research reveals the full extent of indebtedness — the ‘most urgent issue in international finance’.

The super-rich swell their ranks and keep getting richer

A million more people joined the ranks of the global super-rich last year, almost a third of them in Asia.

Another week, another euro summit

Every 'grand bargain' so far has failed to acknowledge the deep-seated imbalance between Germany and everyone else in the single currency.

If eurobonds sound good, why is Merkel playing deaf?

Eurobonds are being touted as a possible solution for the euro crisis. The Guardian answers a few questions about them.

Greece’s euro ultimatum

The new coalition government warns it will run out of options unless the bailout is forthcoming.

Which eurozone countries will survive this ‘grand bargain’?

Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy have a plan that will help secure the single currency but some members will probably have to go.

US unleashes $400bn to save economy

The United States central bank has unleashed a radical $400-billion plan to prevent the world's largest economy sliding back into recession.

Greece on verge of default as doubt grows over bailout

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is under fire amid rumours that creditors are about to pull the plug.

Debt crisis could lead countries to opt out of the euro

Differing opinions on the euro's evolution hide the fact some eurozone countries may see their future outside of the fiscal union.

Eurozone’s citizens split amid battle to stop crisis

Politicians must convince German, Dutch and Austrian taxpayers that it is worth signing up to some kind of Europe-wide rescue fund.

Can the IMF now feed the world?

The International Monetary Fund is once again a major force, but given its recent track record, will its policies do more harm than good?

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