Vikram Dodd
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/ 14 February 2006

Abu Hamza’s arsenal of hate

With controversial Muslim cleric Abu Hamza sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment for soliciting to murder and race hate offences, British police have revealed to the public what they discovered when they raided his Finsbury Park mosque. Suspicion about terrorist involvement swirled around Hamza and the north London mosque for years.

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/ 10 October 2005

UK police chief tried to block inquiry

Sir Ian Blair personally ordered that independent investigators be denied access to the scene where an innocent man had been shot dead by police after being mistaken for a suicide bomber, it emerged recently. The commissioner of London’s Metropolitan police wrote to the Home Office to block an independent investigation into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes

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/ 18 August 2005

Deadly bungle

The Brazilian shot dead by police on a tube train in mistake for a suicide bomber had already been overpowered by a surveillance officer before he was killed, according to secret documents revealed this week. It also emerged in the leaked documents that early allegations that he was running from police at the time of the shooting were untrue.

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/ 27 August 2004

Guantanamo prisoners to get legal visit

The United States is to allow three British citizens and two British residents their first access to a lawyer since being imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay more than two years ago. The granting of a legal visit next Monday is being hailed as a key stage in trying to get the Britons freed from Guantanamo, where they have been held as suspected terrorists without charge or trial.

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/ 6 May 2004

Torture by the (CIA) book

In the United Kingdom the debate about photographs depicting abuse of Iraqi prisoners has centred on their authenticity. In the United States there are no doubts about the pictures showing what American soldiers did in Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison. The pattern of abuse of Iraqi prisoners follows established CIA interrogation techniques.