Seumas Milne

No James Bond glamour in espionage’s new ‘El Dorado’

There's nothing fancy about being a spy - in fact, one intelligence document warns that candidates should not be recruited if their motive is glamour.

Secret Russian satellite surveillance revealed

The report suggests South Africa is seeking closer ties with Russia on integration of the Condor project with another system being developed.

Barack Obama’s plan for Isis will worsen crisis

Air strikes won't solve anything in Iraq and Syria, where the West is the problem, not the solution.

It’s Nato, not Russia, provoking the Ukraine crisis

The Western alliance at last has an enemy that seems to fit its bill - Nato is ready to defend Europe from 'Russian aggression'.

Ukraine chaos is the fruit of western expansion

The external struggle to dominate Ukraine has put fascists in power and brought the country to the brink of conflict.

US duplicity on Ukraine is ‘beyond absurdity’

Neo-Nazis are in office for the first time in post-war Europe – but they are backed by the US and the West.

Going to war will backfire on the West

The rebels' backers should use their influence to resolve the conflict around the negotiating table.

A guide to spying on your citizens

Terrorism is invoked to justify many things, but current surveillance dwarfs all past behaviour.

Latin America dances to a new beat

Countries in the Latin America region have confounded sceptics with their rapid growth and social progress

West gives Israel impunity

The support of the US and Britain allows Israel to continue its policy of occupation and aggression, says Seumas Milne.

Online video is not real source of rage

The extreme reaction of Muslims to anti-Islam film "Innocence of Muslims" comes after years of subjugation and humiliation by Western forces.

Assange correct to fear extradition

The virulence of British media hostility towards the WikiLeaks founder is now unrelenting and has little to do with his rape case.

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