Michael Liedtke

Facebook tweaks Android phones to build new Home

Facebook is trying to prove that a company doesn't have to make a smartphone or operating system to define how people interact with mobile technology.

Microsoft raises dividend 25%

Microsoft is trying to lift its stock price by boosting its dividend by 25%, the largest increase since the company started its quarterly payments.

Google braces for $500m in ad probe

Google's online advertising system is facing a US Justice Department investigation that is expected to cost the search leader at least $500-million.

YouTube adds 3 000 movies to double video rentals

YouTube is doubling the size of its online video store in an expansion that will make more movies available for internet streaming.

Google puts China cellphones on hold amid dispute

Google has delayed the debut of cellphones designed to connect with its internet services in China, widening the void between the company and Beijing.

Google’s search for savings boosts profits

The recession is prodding Google to grow up faster than a lot of people anticipated.

Google sets sights on stories fit for print

Google is trying to expand the newspaper section of its online library to include billions of articles published during the past 244 years.

Google has ‘moral imperative’ to assist newspapers

Google's chief executive said this week that the internet search leader hopes its recently acquired advertising service will aid newspapers.

Yahoo!’s Flickr website expands into video

Yahoo! will begin showing homemade videos on its online photo-sharing site, Flickr, in a long-anticipated move that may be too late to lure most people away from the internet's dominant video channel, Google's YouTube. Flickr's video technology is the latest example of Yahoo! trying to catch up to Google in a crucial battleground.

Security lapse exposes pictures on Facebook

A security lapse made it possible for unwelcome strangers to peruse personal photos posted on Facebook's popular online hangout, circumventing a recent upgrade to the website's privacy controls. The Associated Press verified the loophole on Monday after receiving a tip from a Vancouver, Canada, computer technician.

Facebook lures top exec from Google

Facebook has raided Google to hire a new chief operating officer, providing the popular online social network with more seasoned management and advertising savvy as it strives to make more money without alienating its audience. Sheryl Sandberg's defection from Google, announced this week, represents a coup for Facebook.

Ask.com abandons pursuit of Google

In a dramatic about-face, Ask.com is abandoning its effort to outshine internet search leader Google and will instead focus on a narrower market consisting of married women looking for help managing their lives. As part of the new direction outlined on Tuesday, Ask will lay off about 40 employees.

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