De Aar


Mayor arrested on fraud charge

Staff Reporter

The mayor, speaker and city manager of the Emthanjeni Municipality in De Aar have been arrested on charges of fraud, Northern Cape police said on Monday. The trio allegedly offered a local businessman a tender on July 2 in exchange for a kickback. The tender involved a municipal house that is to be sold.

Higher fuel costs threaten rural B&Bs

Helmo Preuss

Higher fuel costs have hit rural bed-and-breakfast (B&B) establishments hard this year, as companies have had to raise fuel allowances due to higher fuel costs for their commercial travellers visiting rural areas, while cutting their accommodation allowances to keep down the overall cost per sale.

Alcohol ravages De Aar's children

Mariette Le Roux

Hundreds of children in the Northern Cape dustbowl town of De Aar have been diagnosed with foetal alcohol syndrome, giving the town the unenviable distinction of the world's highest reported incidence of the condition. Unfortunately, alcohol's grip on the community will be hard to loosen.

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