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MAIL & GUARDIAN: Coronavirus

WATCH IT AGAIN: Ramaphosa addresses the nation

The president will give an update on developments in South Africa's response to the Covid-19 pandemic

How do we know if SA is in a third Covid-19 wave — and could there be a fourth?

A team working with the country’s Covid ministerial advisory committee uses a formula to keep tabs on the rise of infections. Here’s how it works

Blinded by the glow of the ‘First World’ gaze

The government’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout plan blatantly ignores the realities of life for the majority of South Africans. Sadly, this lack of insight and sense was to be expected

How to vax a nation – A dummy’s guide to getting a Covid jab

You can only get in line for a Covid-19 vaccine if you register. Here’s how to do it

South Africa’s not reaching herd immunity. Our new goal is containment

South Africa’s stop-start roll-out is not the only reason herd immunity is unrealistic for 2021. A constrained vaccine supply and new variants also play a role

Frustrated, she jumped the vaccination queue

Elize Parker took matters into her own hands by doing a Covid-19 walk-in, after she didn’t get her confirmation SMS

Editorial: Mkhize cannot lead us

A person who has himself been accused of corruption — more than once — is not the right person to steer the ship of national health insurance for South Africans

SIU needs R341m to chase Covid-19 corruption

Parliamentary committee laments that corruption ‘screws citizens over twice,’ Scopa chair says

What is it like to get a Covid-19 vaccine? We take you on a tour of a Johannesburg site

What does the inside of a vaccination centre look like and how do nurses administer the jab? The vials, syringes, the vaccinators — and the science behind it

What does Covid-19 alert level 2 mean for elections, movement and gatherings

As Cyril Ramaphosa moves South Africa to alert level 2, gatherings have been flagged as the biggest driver of increases. But what does this alert level mean as the country moves into a third Covid-19 wave?

WATCH AGAIN: Ramaphosa addresses the nation

The president will update the nation on developments in the country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Slow registration delays South Africa’s vital vaccine roll-out

This has resulted in demand exceeding supply — or vice versa — at many vaccination sites

After India: The countries on the brink of another Covid oxygen crisis

The need for medical oxygen to treat Covid-19 patients in low- and middle-income countries has more than doubled in the past two months, and many of these countries faced oxygen shortages before the pandemic

SA can now keep Pfizer jabs in a bar fridge for a month

Vaccine roll-out will be easier now that Pfizer confirms the lifespan of its Covid-19 vaccine in a refrigerator is more than six times longer than first estimated

Run-and-wait game to get my Covid jab

In this first in a series, Elize Parker, 61, tells of her hopes of joining a queue to get vaccinated soon

Teething problems in first week of national vaccine drive see fewer jabs

More than 120 000 people got their jabs in phase 2 of the nationwide Covid-19 vaccination campaign

The Covid pandemic has exacerbated weaknesses in health systems, particularly in poor countries

Strategic investments in health care for all are needed to ensure safe births, treatment of tuberculosis, malaria, measles, pneumonia and diarrhoea, and children are vaccinated

How long will you wait for a Covid-19 vaccination appointment? We answer 7 questions

The only way to book an appointment for a Covid-19 jab is to register on the government’s electronic vaccination system

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