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South Africa to continue with J&J vaccine as cabinet lifts suspension

Cabinet has lifted the suspension on its Sisonke vaccination programme after calling a halt due to health concerns. But reviewed data has now led to a recommendation that the programme continues

How South Africa’s Covid vaccine injury fund will work

In the rare event that you experience a severe side-effect as a result of Covid-19 vaccines, this fund will pay you out

Listen to women and youth to enable recovery from the pandemic

Women in the personal services sector and young people have been hard hit by the pandemic in terms of employment, but they struggled even before Covid-19

Pfizer backs down over ‘unreasonable’ terms in South Africa vaccine deal

Government, according to Mkhize, is “relieved” as Pfizer eventually conceded and removed the “problematic term”

Covid-19 registrations for phase two open amid suspension

Phase two of the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out aims to commence mid-May. People eligible for this phase, including over-60s, can now register online

Africa could produce a Covid-19 vaccine sooner than you think

In mere months, Moderna transformed an old Polaroid factory in America into a state-of-the-art vaccine-production centre. Why can’t we do the same?

South African case study sheds light on how vaccine manufacturing can be developed

Given the devastating impact of the pandemic on the continent’s economies, international institutions and governments must work together to bring pharmaceutical manufacturing to African countries

Flocks grow but tithes decline

Online platforms attracted more people to services but Covid-19 regulations limiting physical attendance resulted in fewer contributions to collection plates

Covid causes gender gap to increase by a generation

The World Economic Forum reports it would take more than 135 years to reach global gender parity. South Africa ranks 18th, a downward curve in gender equality.

Top vaccinologist defends government’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout

A group of scientists has criticised the decision to sell SA’s AstraZeneca vaccine and says herd immunity mean vaccines will play a lesser role

Mkhize says SA will sign for 20-million more vaccine doses within two days

The government’s vaccine of choice will be Johnson & Johnson for the moment, the minister tells MPs

Lockdown chomps chicken profits

Tightened belts meant South Africans ate 19% less chicken last year, and local farmers say dumped imports and the hard lockdown have hurt their businesses

Corona waste is harming animals, everywhere

Single-use PPE, such as face masks and gloves, is hurting and killing wildlife and pets around the globe

The plan to ramp up South Africa’s vaccination drive

Although the country got off to a slow start, experts are hopeful SA’s Covid-19 inoculation drive will scale up soon

Shipment of 300 000 J&J vaccines expected soon in SA

The next Covid-19 vaccine shipment is set to arrive in South Africa on Friday evening. How is South Africa doing on the vaccination front?

Single-dose J&J/Janssen Covid-19 vaccine hopes to speed up SA’s vaccination programme

A high efficacy rate for a single-dose J&J/Janssen Covid-19 vaccine might help to speed up the much-needed roll-out plan

The many failures of the flight that fetched SA’s vaccines

After not flying for a year, SAA nearly botches humanitarian flight to Brussels — among other infringements — and then delays reporting the issue

New Covid-19 grant, old Sassa problems

A sharp increase in the number of social grant recipients after the introduction of the special grant during the pandemic has exacerbated the strained grant payment system

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