Marcia Zali

What does Mkhize have to say about the Cuban and Chinese vaccines?

South Africa could receive two million doses of the Coronavac vaccine from China, the health minister told parliament on Wednesday

Government must find alternatives to AstraZeneca vaccine, say unions

Unions representing healthcare workers advise members to get vaccinated despite AstraZeneca postponement

Most people with TB don’t seek treatment, HSRC survey finds

More men than women have tuberculosis and 82% are in the 15 to 24 age group

Vigilant eyes will monitor South Africa’s first batch of vaccines

The department of health is also negotiating with manufacturers other than AstraZeneca to secure more than one type of vaccine

Healthcare workers’ vaccines will be free

The Covid-19 vaccine has been declared a public good, which means that healthcare workers will not be expected to pay for it

Can you get reinfected with Covid-19? SA has ‘4 000 potential reinfections’

Although the new strain 501Y.V2 of the virus has spread 50% more rapidly, current evidence shows that it is not more severe than the one experienced in the first wave

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