Anathi Madubela

Black Friday better than 2020’s but consumer spending remains subdued

The momentous retail spending event, Black Friday, remains relevant in South Africa as total online spend year-on-year increased by 6%

‘It is right that auditing is under scrutiny’ — Deloitte Africa CEO-elect

Incoming chief executive Ruwayda Redfearn says Deloitte has learned a lot about the importance of ‘professional scepticism’ from its corporate mishaps

Brakes put on foreign truck drivers

New legislation aims to protect local jobs in the transport sector amid questions as to whether SA has enough willing and skilled drivers

No extension to expiring Zimbabwean exemption permits — cabinet

Holders of expired Zimbabwe exemption permits who are not successful in applying for other permits within 12 months will have to leave South Africa or be deported

Almost 10 000 rapes occurred in July, August and September, quarterly crime stats show

In the three-month period 6 163 murders occurred, a 20.7% increase from the same period last year, and 9 556 rapes were reported, a rise of 7.1%. The number of sexual offences was 11 964, up 4.7%

State-insurer Sasria receives R32bn in claims relating to July unrest

Sasria says it has paid out R12.6-billion in claims. The state-owned insurer said will be profitable by 2022, thanks to treasury’s additional R11-billion allocation

No load-shedding over the weekend and next week, says Eskom boss

Eskom’s chief executive, Andre de Ruyter, said a number of units were returning to service

Godongwana holds off on basic income grant decision, closes taps to state enterprises

Godongwana warns that the outer limits of the budget are non-negotiable as a debt cliff loomed

Godongwana tackles debt using tax revenues from commodity surge

The Covid-19 pandemic led to an unprecedented widening of the budget deficit and a spike in debt stock but a commodity price surge gave the treasury room to breathe.

Medium-term Budget: Economic growth prospects remain bleak

Inadequate electricity supply and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic remain a binding constraint on economic recovery in the near term, says the treasury

DA does not support permanent expansion of grants, for now

The Democratic Alliance tabled its ‘alternative’ medium-term budget with its own projections, ahead of Finance Minister Enoch Godongwane’s maiden budget on Thursday

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