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People must use common sense says health department as mask mandate deadline approaches

Our focus should shift to preventing deaths and being ready for future health crises, say experts

More than 7-million expired Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines could be wasted by July

Vaccine hesitancy, corruption, and conspiracy theories and disinformation slow down uptake of Covid-19 vaccines

Terminally ill children suffer from neglect, say health experts

Many of these children die without any palliative support and experience unnecessary discomfort and pain, unless an overburdened NGO steps in.

Family details four-year-old’s battle with agonising neuroblastoma

The Philbins are only now starting to come to terms with the death of their daughter, Gracie Rae

Alarm as almost 20% of South Africa’s healthcare workers contract Covid

The 10-day healthcare worker ‘isolate and contact trace’ policy puts pressure on other healthcare workers and compromises hospitals’ ability to deliver quality healthcare

Junior doctors ‘tired’ of placement travails

The health department is increasingly playing fiscal catch up each year as the trainee intake continues to swell

Immunocompromised finally prioritised for Covid-19 booster shots

Organ recipients are at greater risk of death from Covid-19, while waiting lists for transplants grow

The robot that allows Covid-19 patients human contact

A mental health pandemic: It’s far from ideal, but a dying mother was able to blow kisses to her child thanks to Khanya the robot

Vaccine hesitant? An expert answers questions people have

Safety, side-effects and the jargon-filled scientific information explained for those who have concerns about getting vaccinated

Third wave overwhelms Gauteng hospitals

Surpassing previous Covid-19 waves the third is sure to hit harder, yet there is little evidence of a move toward tighter regulations.

As South Africa’s Covid infections surge, the number of jabs can’t increase, yet

Hospitals are under strain, nurses are burning out and infections are on the rise, but there are limited Covid-19 vaccine doses available

Covid jab tech helps fight malaria

An estimated two-thirds of malaria deaths are among children under the age of five, most of them in Africa.

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