Ina Skosana

Will my medical expenses get paid if I become suicidal?

Medical aids cover far less for psychiatric illnesses than they do for physical ailments.

Unearthing the salt hidden in your diet

Some of your favourite comfort food could be concealing a killer.

Why South Africa is sad – and getting sadder

War-torn Somalia spent more than two decades without a working Parliament, so why are Somalis happier than South Africans?

Where to get a safe, free abortion in SA

No national database of legal abortion providers in South Africa existed – so we made one.

When is an abortion legal?

Find out when you can terminate a pregnancy and who should be doing it.

‘It didn’t take long for [the fetus] to come out. There was a human-like form.’

Left with little choice, many women turn to illegal abortionists to terminate their pregnancies.

Less than 7% of health facilities nationwide offer abortions – Amnesty International

In some provinces, safe, free abortions may only be provided at about 260 public facilities.

Five ways to reduce your risk of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer accounts for nearly a quarter of all cancers in black men. Find out how to protect yourself and the ones you love.

‘If it wasn’t for them I would have died:’ How community health workers save lives

Ethiopia's rural health extension workers have helped halve the country's child death rate.

Male breast cancer stays hidden

When Thami Mabuza found a lump in his chest, he never could have imagined it was breast cancer.

[From our archives] More married women than singles have abortions

Nearly 90% of terminations of pregnancies are performed in developing countries such as South Africa and Nigeria.

A group of doctors is breaking down barriers one dot at a time

Looking for a doctor who is non-judgmental about your sexuality? Look no further the yellow dot doctors, they have seen it all

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