Nazi Party


What was in Hitler's postbag?

Staff Reporter

The intimate correspondence between Adolf Hitler and members of the German public is being made public for the first time, revealing how some sent him gifts of honey while others pleaded with him for their lives. Four staff were hired to deal exclusively with the mass of post sent to Hitler after he became chancellor in January 1933.

Chaaban removed from council meeting

Staff Reporter

The Cape Town City council on Wednesday upheld the metro disciplinary committee's recommendation that leader of the National People's Party (NPP) Badih Chaaban be expelled as councillor. Chief whip of the council Anthea Serritslev said a full sitting of council voted in favour of Chaaban's expulsion.

Remove Chaaban from office, committee recommends

Staff Reporter

A disciplinary committee of the Cape Town city council has recommended that controversial councillor Badhi Chaaban be removed from office. The disciplinary hearings -- which Chaaban claimed were a kangaroo court -- followed claims that he sought to bribe councillors to cross the floor to his National People's Party.

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