Darryl Accone

The beautiful game’s slow death is complete

Football loses the last vestiges of being a sport played by people who have something in common with their supporters

How Babette’s Feast illuminates migrants’ stories

‘Babette’s Feast’ by Isak Dinesen delves into the minutiae of 1870s migration through a Frenchwoman who finds herself living in Norway, where she is denied her artistic passion

Head’s journalism eclipsed

The acclaimed author’s newspaper articles should have been given critical attention too

A ‘madman’ who earned the tribute

A little over 31 years ago, the president of Burkina Faso was murdered in a coup instigated by his former friend and army captain, Blaise Compaoré

Peter Abrahams, a black man who spoke of freedom, has died

The prolific writer who left South Africa in 1939, but who could not leave his identity, has died aged 97 in Jamaica.

Locked-room Roman mystery

Catholicism and political intrigue mix well in ‘Conclave’, a new book by Robert Harris, which follows the election of a new pope.

Writing a wrong is a bitter irony

Misunderstood facts and an insult to boot leave bad taste from book on local lingo.

Noah’s arc: Intimate and humane

His story, encompassing identity, masculinity and nationality, reflects a thoughtful, observant and empathetic man.

Death of an anarchist

Dario Fo – actor, director, playwright, singer, activist, jester and satirist – exposed abusive systems of power

Blowin’ in the wind: How Nobel winner Bob Dylan rewrote history without a pen

The singer-songwriter has always stood for a craftsmanship and artistry that make his Nobel deserved and unsurprising.

It’s lit at the M&G’s book fest

Topics include writing since Sol Plaatje to reporting on Marikana – and will continue at the afterparty

We need to talk about Lionel

It’s remarkable but regrettable that reparation processes usually entail those erred against being done over for a second time.

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