Brent Meersman

Fifty shades of vegan sex

A new sex shop offers animal-free lubricants, whips of bicycle tubes and phthalate-free toys

Nobody listens to vegans

Brent Meersman ponders whether veganism and being a food writer can go together.

The fine art of cooking

Boutique restaurants are on the increase in Cape Town – selling product lines as well as meals.

Terroir’s earthy taste of winter

Brent Meersman explores the elegantly casual Terroir restaurant's European inspired cuisine and its sweet deals for winter.

The feast behind the arts festival

If a theatre critic reviews food at the National Arts Festival is the irony dramatic or simply delicious?

Haute of this world

The menu at Haute Cabrière is specifically designed to complement the estate's wines - and it works.

Makaron’s new taste: Chef pairing

Makaron's Tanja Kruger has introduced a chef pairing concept for the month of May.

Up to the vegan challenge?

Cape Town Vegan Challenge is an invitation to try veganism for a month and several restaurants have taken up the gauntlet, writes Brent Meersman.

Stay calm: Kelp is on the way

For foragers who can tell a dead man’s fingers from a Mediterranean mussel, our coastline is cornucopian.

Twelve Apostles get down to earth

The unusual four-course menus at Cape Town’s Azure restaurant match its superb backdrop.

The best of a raw deal

In this overprocessed world with industrial ­agriculture doing violence to the planet, it makes sense that some have turned to a raw food diet.

Sexy’s simply the best

James Kuiper is bringing the sexy back in healthy meals that are gluten, soya, sugar and preservatives free.

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