US economy


A snorkel or an aqualung?

Kevin Davie

Another way to think about the prospects of recovery is last week's US wealth data. Americans lost a collective $12.7-trillion last year.

Motown pleads for mo' money

Elana Schor

The bosses of the United States' big three carmakers appeared before Congress last week to plead the case for a $25-billion government aid package.

Bailing out Big Motor

Having sabotaged eco-innovations, the motor industry is now demanding billions, writes George Monbiot.

Political cost of the rescue plan

The true impact of this plan lies in the limitations it will place on other areas of public spending, writes Bill Emmott.

Wall fall down

Kevin Davie

Who's to blame? Indebted Americans? Alan Greenspan? Slack credit rating agencies? Greedy and overpaid chief executives?

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