Andrew Clark

‘Predatory’ card fees shackled

Financial services reform in the US includes a ban on punitive charges for credit card infractions.

Cuba takes another step in from the cold

The Cuban government has begun releasing jailed dissidents in a political concession brokered by the Catholic Church.

BP will ‘pay’ for oil slick damage, says Obama

Barack Obama has warned that BP will 'pay' for the environmental damage caused by the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lehman’s illegal gimmicks

The bank gave credit agencies a false picture of its value ahead of the sale, writes Andrew Clark

Ron Gettelfinger: The man who conquered Detroit

After a catastrophic year for US carmakers, the head of the United Auto Workers union has emerged as one of the most powerful men in the industry.

Electric cars struggle to spark enthusiasm

Big carmakers at the Detroit Motor Show had electrically powered and hybrid cars on display, but Americans still aren't buying green vehicles.

Obama and banking chiefs face off at summit

The heads of leading banks in the US were summoned to the White House this week for a "frank and candid" discussion with President Barack Obama.

Back on the gravy train

Wall Street bank has recovered from the credit crunch and may pay bonuses of $900 000 this year, reports Andrew Clark.

Madoff’s victims want his accomplices charged

The subject of the greatest popular vitriol is Madoff's wife, Ruth, who still lives in the couple's $7-million penthouse on New York's Upper East Side

Sun-Times files for bankruptcy

The rump of Conrad Black's former newspaper empire, Sun-Times Media, filed for bankruptcy protection recently.

The biggest challenge yet

The Obama administration says the US's financial system runs the risk of collapse, write Andrew Clark and Ewen MacAskill.

Lifeline may be too late

Chrysler's position is widely considered to be the most perilous of Detroit's "big three" manufacturers.

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