Adrian Saville

Will Trumpenstein wreck or bless?

The president-elect’s victory speech was encouraging but his temperament keeps everyone guessing.

Stabilisation fund needed for mining

The South American example may show the way on mining freedom within our own economy, writes Adrian Saville.

Why a weak rand won’t save us

ANALYSIS: A frail currency pushes up inflation and has no effect on productivity.

Productivity is our best currency

A weak rand is unlikely to help South African manufacturing, argues <b>Adrian Saville</b>.

The fallacy of a weaker rand

A study using 30 years of data shows there is no meaningful relationship between a weaker rand and a rise in South African manufacturing production.

Why Anglo is a better investment than BHP Billiton

Dr Adrian Saville compares the two resource companies and concludes that Anglo's offers better value than BHP Billiton

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