Xi Jinping


Obama confronts Xi on 'cyber thievery'


US President Barack Obama confronted Chinese President Xi Jinping over allegations of cyber theft, but they agreed on reining in North Korea.

Obama confronts Xi on 'cyber thievery'

Security tight as China launches Olympic torch relay

Nick Mulvenney

China's president and the country's top athlete launched the Beijing Olympics torch relay on Monday amid cheering, dancing and tight security, marking the symbolic start to a Games overshadowed by activism and unrest in Tibet. Chinese President Hu Jintao lit a cauldron on a red-carpeted rostrum on Tiananmen Square before handing the torch to World and Olympic champion hurdler Liu Xiang.

China names premier, top judge and prosecutor

Staff Reporter

China's Parliament re-elected Wen Jiabao as premier on Sunday, but a next-generation leader was passed over for promotion to a top military job. The rubber-stamp National People's Congress gave Wen, ranked third in the Communist Party hierarchy, a second five-year mandate with 2926 votes for, 21 against and 12 abstentions.