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More SABS employees face retrenchments despite a staff cut of 109 people

The retrenchments saved the South African Bureau of Standards R68-million but falls short of the R150-million target

SABS ‘contemplates’ 170 retrenchments to save R150m

Salaries account for 65% of the South African Bureau of Standards’ total operating‌ costs

SABS unwraps audit of condom department

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) is auditing its condom department after a manager at the bureau was accused of certifying defective condoms in exchange for cash. ''On the basis of the allegations, we did an immediate check and we are covering the other companies,'' the bureau's general manager for food and health, Mike McNerney, said on Friday.

Fatal shooting in SABS offices

A 26-year-old former employee of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) shot a 42-year-old woman in the head on Thursday afternoon at his former place of work and afterwards shot himself, Pretoria police said. The man was on the second floor of the SABS building in Groenkloof with the woman who was handling his file.

‘Substantial’ evidence of wrongdoing at SABS: MP

There is substantial evidence indicating serious wrongdoing at the SA Bureau of Standards, Democratic Alliance MP Mark Lowe maintained on Wednesday. Lowe has accused SABS management of suspect foreign travel allowances, leave and financial irregularities, and of sexual harassment.

DA accuses SABS bosses of fraud, child porn

The Democratic Alliance on Monday detailed a remarkable set of accusations against the top management of the South African Bureau of Standards, including allegations some are involved in fraud and child pornography.

SABS to see if cellphones fry your brain

JUSTIN ARENSTEIN, Pretoria | Wednesday SOUTH Africa's Bureau of Standards (SABS) has announced the purchase of equipment worth millions of rands to monitor the...

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