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No extension to expiring Zimbabwean exemption permits — cabinet

Holders of expired Zimbabwe exemption permits who are not successful in applying for other permits within 12 months will have to leave South Africa or be deported

Covid-19 border closures hit Zimbabwe’s women traders hard

The past 18 months have been tough for women cross-border traders, who saw their income vanish when borders closed

Zimbabwe: How women are taking over cross-border smuggling

When Covid-19 hit and borders closed, people still needed to bring their groceries into Zimbabwe. Some women have taken the chance to earn a bit of cash

Council wants Hawks, SIU probe into BAT’s Zimbabwe scandal

The cigarette maker has been accused of giving up to $500 000 in bribes and spying on competitors

Zimbabweans protest coal mine

A community resists as an exploratory Chinese coal mining project on Dinde ancestral land forges ahead

NGOs call for stoppage of ‘cruel’ coal project in Zimbabwe

A coalition of NGOs is on a big drive to stop the Beifa coal project in Dinde, as well as casting a spotlight on mineral governance in the country

Exploring the role of illicit financial flows in Zimbabwe’s political economy

Mineral wealth in Africa is often a curse, as it frequently engenders corruption

Women stand-up comedians in Zimbabwe talk about sex – and patriarchy

Regarded as an unserious practice, stand-up comedy in Zim is one of the few spaces where women have an audience

Exploring the role of Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) in Zimbabwe’s Political Economy

Section 9 of the Zimbabwean constitution mandates the state to uphold  good governance by adopting, among other values, financial probity at every level within...

Democracy and open society in Zimbabwe 41 years after independence

A full 41 years after ‘freedom’, many Zimbabweans still strive for what they sought then – the enjoyment of their fundamental human rights and freedoms

Short film: Zimbabwe’s queer refugees speak out

When a gay Zimbabwean man fled to South Africa, seeking refuge, he encountered further abuse and homophobia

The stunning fall from grace of Zimbabwe’s vice-president

Kembo Mohadi resigned this week after allegedly conducting not one but two extramarital affairs while in office

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