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Operation Dudula did not torch a Joburg market, says leader Nhlanhla Lux

Dozens of stalls were reduced to ashes in the fire, with some traders adamant that the Afrophobic vigilante group was to blame

How does SA heal from Dudula bullies and Stellenbosch varsity racists?

Our reactions would be more positive if we understand that bullies act out as result of their own pain

OPINION| Operation Dudula is a symptom of unresolved colonial and political issues

The movement purports to only encourage the government to act on undocumented immigrants but that’s a falsehood and its activities are criminal

Anarchy reigns: Police on high alert as Operation Dudula gains momentum

State security and the SAPS are on high alert as vigilante group gain momentum, but police concede they do not have the resources to stop Operation Dudula form stoking xenophobia

Ramaphosa slams ANC support for Operation Dudula

The president says the party cannot support ‘vigilantism’ and ‘wanton violence’ against migrants

Dudula vigilante group has the ANC stamp of approval

Despite warnings that vigilante organisations can become xenophobic and violent, the ruling ANC says the more grassroots groups like these, the better

How do vigilante groups like Dudula come into being?

The state’s failure to act as a source of moral or political authority creates a vacuum that ‘seductive’ populist movements are happy to fill

Operation Dudula, Afrophobia and the quest for human rights

The ongoing Afrophobic behaviour in our country is misdirected anger and frustration at the fact that black South Africans still have to make do with welfare crumbs

Dear Operation Dudula: Powerful elites, not migrants, are your enemy

The removal of migrants won’t stop the job crisis, end crime, fix the schooling system or the police service, repair hospitals, and end poverty

Operation Dudula vows to continue drive against illegal immigrants after leader gets bail

Operation Dudula has carried out a crackdown against illegal immigrants in Jo’burg, a drive that has resonated with mainly poor, angry South Africans

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