Elderly woman burns life savings in the oven

A 74-year-old woman accidentally burned her life savings of 4 000 euros because she forgot that the money was hidden in an oven, the daily Jutarnji List reported on Friday.

The accident took place earlier this week in the eastern Croatian village of Brsadin. The woman, identified as Dusanka, started a fire to prepare a meal, but forgot that her money was in the oven.

When she realised what had happened, the woman called the police to say that a stranger had broken into her house and robbed her, but detectives soon realised what had happened after searching her house and finding the remains of the burned euros.

Many old people in Croatia do not have faith in banks and keep their money at home. This is because some banks went bankrupt in the early 1990s, leaving their customers empty-handed.
- Sapa-DPA

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