Wireless technology boosts SMEs

The growing maturity of mobile and wireless data solutions helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) enhance their productivity and efficiency on the back of a relatively low investment, Nashua Mobile MD Mark Taylor noted on Monday.

According to Taylor, cellular technologies such as the high-speed third generation (3G) have the potential to help the SME sector to improve customer service and generate more revenue. This, he added, is because the technology “liberates” people from their desks and allows them to spend more time in the field.

“People can carry all the tools they need to stay in touch with them in their pockets or briefcases. For example, a worker can download a presentation via a GSM or GPRS modem or Wi-Fi card, at a coffee shop between meetings.

“The impact on productivity and customer service in an organisation with a small staff complement can be enormous,” Taylor added.

With cellphones and internet-enabled PCs in place, a number of small businesses look set to start exploring ways of improving their productivity using more advanced applications such as unified messaging or remote working.

“The falling prices of GPRS and 3G handsets, notebook modems, hand-helds and connectivity are likely to spur interest in mobile data applications in the SME market,” Taylor said, adding that high-speed technologies make it possible for employees in the field to scan a corporate contacts list, place orders and check inventories remotely.—I-Net Bridge

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