Bosses tell British bus drivers: You stink

Bus drivers in eastern England are threatening to kick up a stink over an order from their bosses to sort out their body odour, The Times newspaper said on Tuesday.

Guidelines issued by First Bus in Norwich have told drivers to wash regularly and use deodorant following complaints about their personal hygiene, the daily said.

Now the people behind the wheel are up in arms.

One unnamed bus driver said the instructions were creating a bad atmosphere.

“Management think their drivers don’t wash regularly, change their clothes or keep themselves clean—this is the way adults speak to little children,” the driver told the newspaper.

“It’s insulting and disrespectful and if the company doesn’t pay for the deodorant there is going to be a real stink. We just won’t put up with it.”

The offending booklet, entitled Corporate Wear Collection, issued alongside new uniforms, instructs bus drivers: “You must wash regularly, wear a clean shirt daily and use deodorant.”

David Caller, the local chairperson of the Transport and General Workers’ Union, urged drivers to turn their noses up at the advice.

“We will wait and see what they do to enforce any of it,” he said.

Managers at First Bus denied their guidelines were the pits but tried to clear the air.

Strategy adviser Roger Haywood said: “Although this advice may be accurate, I would say it’s a bit over the top and certainly we would be upset if any of our drivers felt it was inappropriate.” - AFP


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