London store opens psychic school for Halloween

A London luxury store is launching something slightly different for Halloween—a psychic school teaching customers how to tap into their spiritual powers.

Passers-by can pop into Selfridges on the capital’s busy Oxford Street to attend classes ranging from “Third Eye and Higher Self” to workshops on how to use crystals to generate spiritual energy and pick up messages from beyond the grave.

“The aim is to enlighten rather than turn students into fully fledged teachers or psychics,” the store said in a statement.

The school will be run by the Psychic Sisters consultation service, which already offers Tarot-card readings, palmistry, psychometry and clairvoyance six days a week at the store.

Jayne Wallace, head of the Psychic Sisters, said the success of the consultation service among regular shoppers and celebrities had prompted the launch of the workshops.

“We are very excited to open our first psychic school and Halloween is such a symbolic time to do this. We believe that we were all born with psychic abilities just waiting to be explored and nurtured,” she said.

Modern witches and psychics believe that Halloween is a time of year when the veil between the dead and the living is thin.—Reuters


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