Traffic Department reports drop in road fatalities

There has been a 58% decrease in road fatalities compared with the same period last year, the Transport Department said on Monday.

Spokesperson Collen Msibi said there had been 280 fatalities since the beginning of the holiday season, compared with 660 for the same period last year.

Of the 280, 80 drivers died, 112 passengers died and 88 pedestrians died.

“The decline can be attributed to the visibility of traffic police and high law-enforcement activities as part of the Road Traffic Management Corporation’s Operation Safer Festive Season,” Msibi said.

Msibi urged all road users “to practice the tried-and-tested tips of arriving alive”, such as buckling up.

Msibi also urged motorists to slow down as driving too fast was a factor in 75% of fatal crashes. A decrease of 10% in speed reduced fatal crashes by 40%.

“Rest every two hours or every 200km and service and maintain your vehicle properly.”

He urged all road users to sober up because drunkenness lead to fatal accidents for pedestrians and motorists.—Sapa



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