Metrobus strike is off

The five-week Metrobus strike is over, a City of Johannesburg spokesperson said on Wednesday.

“They have accepted a deal and have gone to consult their members,” said Gabu Tugwana.

This effectively means that the planned secondary strike for Thursday is off, as is a planned Labour Court application to stop the strike.

Tugwana said the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) should be congratulated for resolving their pay dispute and believed the settlement augured well for the city and its commuters who have been stranded since the strike began.

“After 12-and-a-half hours of knocking information together to try to improve the deal, we dropped it off at the union’s office close to midnight last night [Tuesday],” said Tugwana.

“This morning they came back to us to say yes, they will sign the deal, they just need to go and consult their members.”

Details of the deal with be revealed on Wednesday afternoon.

A Samwu spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.

Drivers were demanding an entry-level basic salary of R7 021, a salary of R8 800 for drivers with five years’ experience and a salary of R10 650 for drivers with more than 10 years’ experience.

All drivers were currently earning R7 021 per month, according to the union.

The council’s bus company had previously warned that giving in to union demands would place it in liquidation.

Tugwana said services should resume on Friday.—Sapa


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