Petrol price to rise by 17 cents, says department

The petrol price for all grades of petrol in June will rise by 17 cents a litre, the Minerals and Energy Department said in a revised statement on Monday.

This would exclude some C-Zones, it added.

“The National Energy Regulator of South Africa on April 30 2009 announced an average tariff reduction of 10,38% in the transport cost of petroleum transported by pipeline from Durban to the C-Zones,” the statement said.

These decreases would differ depending on the zone, the statement added.

The country’s petrol prices are determined partly by zone differentials that are based on the cost of transporting fuel to various parts of South Africa.

According to the department’s revised statement, the wholesale price of diesel with a 0,05% sulphur content will decrease by 11,5 cents a litre this week.

Diesel with a 0,005% sulphur content will decrease by 12,5 cents a litre.

The wholesale price of illuminating paraffin will decrease by nine cents a litre and the single maximum national retail price for illuminating paraffin will come down by 12 cents a litre, the department said.

The statement was revised from a previous statement issued on Friday.—Sapa