/ 19 May 2011

Prepare for ‘National Start Something Day’

There’s a saying that there are two ideal times to start saving for your retirement: 20 years ago, or today. Many of us lag behind when it comes to saving, investing, planning for the future — but it’s important that we don’t throw our hands up in despair and do nothing.

A recent Employee Benefits Benchmark Survey shows that 38,3% of active members are falling behind when it comes to meeting future financial goals. But have no fear — September 2 this year has been pegged as “National Start Something Day”, to inspire South Africans to be proactive and make their dreams real. Whether it’s starting a new hobby, learning a language or opening a savings account, this day aims to encourage us to grab opportunities, rather than letting them pass us by.

Sanlam has come up with this initiative to say “the sooner you start investing in something, the sooner you’ll reap rewards”. Whether you’d like to start saving for your child’s education or launching a business, start mastering the art of saving now.

Clement Nhlangwana, Sanlam’s personal finance marketing manager, points out that it’s not unlike learning Italian or mastering a sport — planning and saving doesn’t happen overnight. But let’s face it — procrastination is the enemy of success. Pen “National Start Something Day” into your diary now or join the Facebook group.

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