/ 30 May 2011

Schabir Shaik beaten up at Durban golf course

Fraud convict Schabir Shaik was beaten up before the municipal elections for being a “k****r-lover” and supporting the ANC, he said on Sunday.

“They kept on punching and kicking me. I think they wanted to prove a point to me. I became a target in some sense,” Shaik told the South African Press Association in a telephone interview.

“There were four drunk guys. They were really big size and much, much younger than me.”

He said the men hurled abusive language at him at the Papwa Sewgolum golf course clubhouse in Reservoir Hills, Durban, a few weeks ago.

This was the same golf course where Shaik allegedly assaulted a journalist four months ago.

“During my free time I spend most of my week at home and the few hours I have, I go to the course because it’s a sport I enjoy,” said Shaik.

“I went there alone. I had just played a round of golf and was taking a breather when I heard them talking badly about the ANC and President [Jacob] Zuma. They called him the k-word.

“I told them this is not the way they should be talking and I won’t stand for this kind of talk or behaviour.This is the first time anything like this has happened and they were out of town people.

“I didn’t want to retaliate and be aggressive so I just kept quiet … I’d rather die a quiet death than be aggressive. It’s difficult in my position. If I defend myself I become aggressive.”

Since the incident, Shaik has been back to the golf course twice without incident.

“You never know when these things can happen. It can happen anywhere … in the shopping centre or any other golf course.

“I have learned to take the blows and just walk away.”

Shaik had visited his doctor who told him his injuries were not serious.

“My ribs and abdomen are very sore. I took pain tablets and slept it out. What else could I do?”

He said he was disheartened by the incident but did not plan on opening a criminal case.

“I don’t want to open charges and have this blown out of control. It’s the first time it has happened and it’s a non-racial course.

“As a public figure you tend to attract these kinds of people.”

In the Sunday Times, Shaik was quoted as saying: “If I laid charges against them it will be another big thing. Correctional Services would not hear both sides of the story. They would whisk me straight to jail.”

Police spokesperson Brigadier Phindile Radebe said she was unaware of the incident. – Sapa

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