Best Employers: ENS

ENS' Chief HR Officer Faizal Bassa. (ENS)

ENS' Chief HR Officer Faizal Bassa. (ENS)

Number of employees: About 960

Last financial year’s turnover: R1-billion

Name of Chief HR Officer: Faizal Bassa (HR Executive

Split of staff: Lawyers and Tax Practitioners – 500; Support staff – about 460

Main line of business: ENS is Africa’s largest law firm and provides legal, tax, forensics and IP services throughout Africa.

What is the company’s HR strategy?: To be the employer of choice for outstanding candidates in all areas of the business, who are aligned with our core values and culture. To effect world class talent management across the firm, with regular Performance Enhancement Discussions (PEDs) for all staff, focused not only on productivity but also on compliance with our core values. At all times, to enhance our transformational objectives without compromising standards even though we are already the largest employer of black legal professionals in the country.

What is the company’s BEE strategy? ENS has tangible and clearly articulated objectives with associated action plans in terms of what we have set out to achieve over the next year, and into the future, but over and above this, transformation is also one of our core values.
Transformation is something we want to do rather than something we are doing simply because we have to. We consider transformation to be the only way we can effectively drive our business and achieve our long term goals and it is an integral part of our promotions policy for all staff and directors. The implementation process for transformation has been given top priority and the firm’s progress is presented at every board meeting.

What is the secret of your company’s success as an employer? Teamwork and a one-firm approach; a constant reference to our core values in guiding behaviour

at all levels within the firm. An innovative, immediate and transparent approach to problemsolving with very visible and handson leadership. Appointment of legal and tax professionalsof the highest calibre to deliver outstanding service to clientswithin their specialist areas. Appointment of support staff equally of the highest calibre to

deliver similar outstanding service to the professionals who are their internal clients. Remuneration at the very top end of the spectrum.

What are the future plans around HR/Employment strategy/ BEE strategy? We continue to seek outstanding individuals who are committed to our core values of integrity, teamwork,

collegiality, transformation, diversity and social responsibility and who are passionate in their search for excellence regardless of the practitioner or support role they fulfil. Our aim is to enhance the edge with respect to our people who are our greatest asset, as we continueto expand our success and also grow into the rest of Africa.

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