/ 21 June 2013

Secret insider warned Zanu-PF ‘rebel’ before his death

Secret Insider Warned Zanu Pf 'rebel' Before His Death

According to media reports, Chindori-Chininga (58) died at the scene of the accident after the car he was driving hit a tree when he failed to stop at a T-junction on the road that links Harare and Guruve.

The passengers in his car escaped with minor injuries.

Last week, Parliament's mines and energy committee – which Chindori-Chininga chaired – released a damning report on the abuse of diamond revenue from the Chiadzwa diamond fields. In its report, the committee said that "serious discrepancies" were discovered between what the diamond firms claimed to have paid in local taxes and what the treasury had received.

Chindori-Chininga was recently warned on Facebook by Baba Jukwa, an unknown Zanu-PF insider, that his political enemies in Zanu-PF could use "dirty and unorthodox measures" against him.

The Baba Jukwa Facebook profile, which has more than 150000 followers, specialises in leaking confidential Zanu-PF information.

Baba Jukwa posted that the "Mashonaland Central mafia of the [Indiginisation Minister Saviour] Kasukuwere dynasty is planning to sink Edward Chindori-Chininga and replace him with their puppet. Dick Mafios, who is our party's [Zanu-PF's] provincial chairman, is conniving with his brother Saviour  and [Transport Minister] Nicholas Goche  to elbow Chindori-Chininga from my party's politics in the province.

"They are accusing him of co-operating with Baba Jukwa to divulge the information about some of the things that are taking place in the party and in the province. But Chindori-Chininga has vowed kupanduka zvamuchose [to defect for good] if the mafia employs dirty and unorthodox methods to elbow him out."

Chindori-Chininga, a former mines minister, was viewed by many Zimbabweans as a rebel MP. He was booted out of the Zanu-PF constitutional team in 2011 for allegedly leaking information to the Movement for Democratic Change as factional conflict took its toll in the party.

He survived an accident in March last year when his official car collided with a pick-up truck near Mazowe Hotel on his way to Guruve.