/ 16 September 2013

Washington navy yard shooting leaves several dead

At least 12 people have been killed in a shooting
At least 12 people have been killed in a shooting, where one suspected gunman was among the dead, while authorities search for other assailants. (AFP)

At least 12 people were killed in a shooting on Monday at a US navy yard in Washington, where one suspected gunman was among the dead and authorities were searching for two other possible assailants wearing military-style clothing, officials said.

The exact number of dead and wounded fluctuated in the hours following the shooting, which took place about 5km from the White House, starting about 8.30am EDT. 

The Washington DC mayor and the police chief said there were 12 fatalities in the shooting at the Naval Sea Systems Command, one of five such commands where civilians, military personnel and contractors build, buys and maintain Navy ships and submarines.

About 3 000 people work there.

"We have no indication of motive at this time," said Washington DC police chief Cathy Lanier.

Police described the two other possible suspects as a white man and a black man, each wearing military style clothing, although other law enforcement officials cautioned that it was still unclear whether more than one gunman was involved.

"We are confronting yet another mass shooting, and today it happened at another military installation, in our nation's capital," said President Barack Obama, who vowed to enact "sensible" gun control measures after a gunman shot dead 20 school children and six adults at an elementary school in Connecticut last December.

"They know the dangers of serving abroad, but today they face the unimaginable violence that they wouldn't have expected here at home," said Obama, who spoke at the start of a speech on the US economy.

Three shots
Patricia Ward, who works at the navy yard, said she heard three shots "pow, pow, pow" and then four more shots after a pause. 

"Everybody was panicking and trying to decide which way to get out," Ward told reporters. Security guards told people to "run, run, run", Ward said.

Washington police declined to give a number of fatalities, saying there were "multiple victims deceased inside". 

Among the injured was a District of Columbia police officer, who was in stable condition in surgery, and one other law enforcement officer, officials said.

Washington Hospital Centre said it was treating three gunshot victims, who were in critical condition, and was expecting more to arrive but it was not clear how many.

At George Washington University, a man in his sixties died of a single gunshot wound to his head, said Babak Sarani, head of trauma surgery. The man was shot in his left temple and the injury "was not survivable by any stretch", Sarani told reporters, adding he was unsure what type of weapon was used or whether the bullet had exited the victim's body.

The other two possible suspects were described as a black man, about 50, with a long gun and drab olive military uniform, and a white man with a pistol, a Navy-style short-sleeved khaki uniform and a beret.

Unarmed soldiers
The shooting hit the military establishment less than three weeks after US Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death for murdering 13 people in 2009 at Fort Hood, Texas, where he gunned down unarmed soldiers in what he later called retaliation for US wars in Muslim countries. 

Dozens of police and emergency vehicles surrounded the complex in southeast Washington, which is about 1.6km south of the US Capitol.

Helicopters circled the headquarters with some touching down on the building's roof. The Federal Aviation Administration said it briefly suspended departures at Reagan National Airport.

The District of Columbia Public Schools have put six schools and an administration building on lockdown as a precaution.

The Washington navy yard is the oldest shore facility of the US Navy.

A former shipyard and ordinance plant, the facility in southeast Washington is home to the Naval Sea Systems Command, Navy museum and other facilities.

The yard, less than 3km from the Capitol building, is a favourite for ceremonies.

The Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert formally welcomed his Chinese counterpart to the United States in a ceremony there on Thursday. – Reuters