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This report, prepared by Creamer Media – publisher of Engineering NewsMining Weekly and Polity – covers key developments in South Africa’s electricity industry over the past 12 months, including details of State-owned power utility Eskom’s generation activities, funding and tariffs, independent power producers and prospects for the sector. 

Although South Africa has avoided load-shedding since 2008, Eskom continues to walk a tightrope in trying to supply electricity to industry and consumers while bringing overdue power plants on line and maintaining its current power station fleet. 

To deal with the mismatch between supply and demand, Eskom is investing in new generation and transmission capacity, giving mothballed power stations a new lease on life and operating its fleet for longer. 

The Department of Energy is also facilitating the introduction of power generated by private companies to increase generation capacity and diversify the country’s energy mix. 

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