How the PGDP is aligned with the NDP

Within the context of the province of KwaZulu-Natal, the Provincial Growth and Development Plan (PGDP) has been updated every year since its adoption in 2012 to ensure full alignment with the National Development Plan (NDP).

The PGDP is therefore in essence a provincialisation of the NDP. 

The key objectives of the NDP are to set up a vision for the country which will eliminate poverty and reduce inequality through:

•          Uniting South Africans of all races and classes around a common programme to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality;

•          Encouraging citizens to be active in their own development, in strengthening democracy and in holding their government accountable;

•          Raising economic growth, promoting exports and making the economy more labour-absorbing;

•          Focusing on key capabilities of people and the country with a focus on skills, infrastructure, social security, strong institutions and partnerships both within the country and with key international partners;

•          Building a capable and developmental state; and

•          Strong leadership throughout society that works together to solve our problems.

The NDP pursues these objectives through a set of 14 outcomes, clearly identifying the key focus areas of government and sets targets to be achieved by 2030. These 14 outcomes are:

•          Improved quality basic education;

•          A long and healthy life for all South Africans;

•          All people in South Africa are and feel safe;

•          Decent employment through inclusive economic growth;

•          A skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path;

•          An efficient, competitive and responsive economic infrastructure network;

•          Vibrant, equitable, sustainable rural communities contributing towards food security for all;

•          Sustainable human settlements and improved quality of household life;

•          Responsive, accountable, effective and efficient developmental local government systems; 

•          Protect and enhance our environmental assets and natural resources;

•          Create a better South Africa, contribute to a better and safer Africa in a better world;

•          An efficient, effective and development-oriented public service;

•          An inclusive and responsive social protection system; and

•          Transforming society and uniting the country.

The 14 outcomes of the NDP are repackaged into the following seven strategic goals in the PGDP:

•          Job creation;

•          Human resource development;

•          Human and community development;

•          Strategic infrastructure;

•          Environmental sustainability;

•          Governance and policy; and

•          Spatial equity

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